Jewelry epoxy clear resin CraftCrystalResin, 0.8kg

Jewelry epoxy clear resin CraftCrystalResin (manufactured by EU Slovenia)

It is made of organic materials with a high degree of purification and transparency, has no yellowness and will not turn yellow over time.
It is used for casting jewelry, creating protective coatings.
When hardened, forms a hard, solid glossy surface.
Due to the fluidity and the special formula of the resin, air bubbles easily come out.
Photostable, does not grow cloudy and does not turn yellow with time.
Moisture resistant.
High adhesion to all materials except polyethylene, silicone, ftoroplast, plexiglass.
It does not have a pungent odor.
After hardening, it is absolutely harmless to health.

Proportions: 100 parts of resin, 60 parts of hardener.

Operating procedure:
- Work is carried out in protective gloves.
- Mix the composition in the proportions: 100 parts of resin + 60 parts of hardener (in grams). Mix evenly - not too fast, until the components are optically homogeneous.
- The resulting composition is poured into molds (preferably silicone) or cover the surface of the product.
- To obtain beautiful effects, it is possible to mix transparent and colored epoxy mixtures, add dyes and pigments
- Surface drying (tack) is achieved in no more than 18 hours.

- The rate of polymerization (curing) depends on the ambient temperature.
- It is recommended to cover the curable product to prevent dust from settling.
- Full cure occurs after 42 hours.

- Transparent epoxy resin CraftCrystalResin, transparent with a "crystalline" sheen.


In the hardened state, it allows contact with food.

Jewelry epoxy clear resin CraftCrystalResin, 0.8kg

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