Silicone mold "Crystal - C", model No. 15

A set of silicone molds for the manufacture of supports / trays in the shape of faceted crystals.


The size:

Casting size - 110x130mm

casting height - 10mm

resin consumption - from 80gr


  • Made of resistant platinum silicone,
  • Withstands multiple fabrication
  • Ideal for creating Petri castings
  • Allows you to make a casting thickness of 10 mm, which is very convenient when pouring pieces of fallen or glass chips !!!
  • It does not emit silicone oil during storage.



Silicone mold "Crystal - C", model No. 15

RUB 539.00 Regular Price
RUB 290.00Sale Price
  • After use, rinse in warm water with a non-abrasive detergent, dry well. Store in a plastic bag (to avoid dust sticking) without deforming the product.


  • To create coasters using the Geode Art, Petri Art technique, we recommend using Art Resin and Geode Resin resins.

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