Pigment phosphor CraftPigments GSB-02 Mint 15g

It is used as a filler for resins and paints for the manifestation of their glow effect in the dark. The CraftPigments GSB-02 Mint pigment luminescent powder absorbs sunlight or artificial light during daylight hours and discharges at night in the form of a gradually fading glow.


Permissible concentration of up to 20% by weight, depending on the desired glow time and the desired saturation. The glow effect is manifested both in the dark and in ultraviolet rays (constantly).


Pigment phosphor CraftPigments GSB-02 Mint 15g

RUB 210.00Price
  • Has no color in lighting (white in daylight)

    The duration of the glow in the dark is more than 12 hours;

    Particle size from 5 to 15 microns;

    High luminosity up to 1500 mcd \ m2;

    Light color - Blue

    Instructions for use

    Thoroughly mix the composition to prevent precipitation of the pigment

    After the composition has completely cured, place the casting in sunlight or under artificial color to “charge”

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