Set of dyes for resin and polymers CraftResinTint, 40pcs

Pigment dyes for resin and polymers CraftResinTint
Highly concentrated liquid dyes, 2-3 drops are sufficient for staining 100gr of resin.
The colorant can be added both to the resin before and after mixing with the hardener. The maximum concentration in the composite is not more than 5%, which will give a very saturated opaque color.
Low concentrations stain the resin in a translucent color.
Suitable for dyeing, epoxy, polyester. other materials require prior testing.

Unlike tinting pastes - CraftResinTint is easy to dose, (with the help of a drip tip) it is completely consumed, without remaining on the walls of the package. Available in basic colors:


Gray silver (Silver gray), Pearl (Pearl White), Ivory, Sand, Pastel green (Pastel Green), light blue (Light-Blue), yellow-gold, lemon, lime, pink (Light Pink), Powder, salmon, Orange, Mustard, Bright red, Magenta, magenta, wine-red, magenta-violet, Fuchsia, Magenta (Magenta), purple, lilac, blue, violet, cobalt blue, ultramarine, Barlinskaya blue, turquoise, sea, ocean , Heavenly, Mint, Emerald, Forest green, Steel, Gray-beige, Chocolate, Red-brown, Black, White.

Set of dyes for resin and polymers CraftResinTint, 40pcs

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