Acrylic stone Ice Rocks Yellow, 10mm, 100g

Acrylic stone Ice Rocks, used as a decorative filler when drawing with resin using the GeodeArt technique

Fraction Size 10 mm

Light and voluminous. They look very advantageous as framing clusters in your epoxy paintings. Easy to stain with Gold Ducat Liquid Potala and Pop-Up Series Pop-Up Pigments.


How to create a beautiful stone cluster of decorative fillers:


Step 1. Draw a picture of resin. Let it harden within 8-10 hours.

Step 2. Using a hot gun, glue large crystals, creating islands of them.

Step 3. Fill the picture with a second layer of transparent resin and encrust small stones and glass chips into it to give a flicker effect.



Acrylic stone Ice Rocks Yellow, 10mm, 100g

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